Learning With Peers

Learning with peers is addressed by the NSSE by looking at how much students collaborate with each other. It measures how much students help each other, study with each other, and work on class projects and assignments together. It also measures this by looking at how often students interact with other students of different backgrounds (racial, economic, political, and religious). The programs on this list are designed to provide students with these learning opportunities with peers from many different backgrounds. Through these programs students will be provided with opportunities to become leaders among their peers through mentorship and providing academic assistance. Also, through these programs students will have opportunities to socialize and learn from other students from different backgrounds and stages of their educational careers.


Institutional Level Initiatives
                         Collaborative Learning in the TI
                         Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)
                         First Year Scholars
                         Global Friendship Program
                        Leadership Workshops (UCL)
                        Math Support Program
                        Pass Program
                       Peer Helper Program
                       Scholars Academy
                        Sophomore Leadership Programs
Faculty/Program Level Initiatives 
                        Faculty mentorship programs (eg. KSS Mentorship Program, Science Mentorship Program)
                        Haskayne Huddle
                        Science Ambassadors
                        Werklund YLC Service-Learning and Service Leadership Program