Study Abroad

These are a few examples of programs and courses offered across the University of Calgary.

Department of Sociology: Sociology in Colima, Mexico

EngineeringShantou Group Study Program (video montage: professor perspective, student perspective)

Haskayne International Exchange

Teaching Across Borders

SOWK 557.33A: Identities in Context & SOWK 557.34A Community Practice in Context

Courses in the Faculty of Social Work that are part of a group study program to Ghana that focuses on critical examination of identities/identity development and community practice in the contexts of Canadian multiculturalism and transnationalism (website link, Course Outline 557.33, Course Outline 557.34).

SOWK 557.32: International Social Work Studies

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that combines application of social work theory, practice and research in a practical learning environment within Great Britain (website link, Course Outline).

International and Community Development Masters of Social Work Specialization

Program in the Faculty of Social Work that requires an international field placement. Students build upon a solid foundation of fundamental social work practice and principles to include a comprehensive understanding of the social circumstances, needs, and aspirations of individuals, families, groups, and communities around the world (website link).