Service Learning, Community-Based Learning

These are a few examples of programs and courses offered across the University of Calgary.

CPSC 599.87: Special Topics in Computer Science (Visualization and Analytics)

A course in the department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science where students cover the full data analysis life cycle from collection to reporting, focusing on the practical application of analysis techniques and tools to real-world data (Course Outline).

EDUC 450: Diversity in Learning

A course in the Faculty of Education that places emphasis on the needs of individual learners, and on creating healthy inclusive classrooms for all students (Course Outline).

ENTI 381: Principles of Entrepreneurship

A course in Haskayne School of Business which provides an opportunity to experience the process of entrepreneurship with a practical focus (Course Outline).

MKTG 341: Introduction to Marketing

A course in Haskayne School of Business that introduces marketing for non-management students. It introduces organizational and social aspects of marketing principles and practices (Course Outline).

KNES 491: Practicum II

SixEightFour: First-Year Engineering Service Learning Experience

SOWK 557.28: Inner City Social Work

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that introduces students to concepts of social work practice with inner-city communities, and provides students with theoretical frameworks to develop their analytical skills (Course Outline)

SOWK 696: Integrated Seminar- International and Community Development

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that provides opportunities for development, integration, and reinforcement of competence related to social work practice in international and/or domestic communities (Course Outline)