Service Learning, Community-Based Learning

These are a few examples of programs and courses offered across the University of Calgary.

EDUC 450: Diversity in Learning

A course in the Faculty of Education that places emphasis on the needs of individual learners, and on creating healthy inclusive classrooms for all students (Course Outline).

ENTI 381: Principles of Entrepreneurship

A course in Haskayne School of Business which provides an opportunity to experience the process of entrepreneurship with a practical focus (Course Outline).

MKTG 341: Introduction to Marketing

A course in Haskayne School of Business that introduces marketing for non-management students. It introduces organizational and social aspects of marketing principles and practices (Course Outline).

KNES 491: Practicum II

SixEightFour: First-Year Engineering Service Learning Experience

SOWK 557.28: Inner City Social Work

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that introduces students to concepts of social work practice with inner-city communities, and provides students with theoretical frameworks to develop their analytical skills (Course Outline)

SOWK 696: Integrated Seminar- International and Community Development

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that provides opportunities for development, integration, and reinforcement of competence related to social work practice in international and/or domestic communities (Course Outline)