Internships or Field Experience

These are a few examples of programs and courses offered across the University of Calgary.

Cooperative Education 

Co-ops provide opportunities for experiential, hands-on learning for students. It  allows students to gain work experience in their respective fields of study. These include: Arts, Applied Chemistry, Actuarial Science, Ecology, and Business (Co-op website, Arts Co-op Program Website) (Arts Co-op Program BrochureCourse Outline in Business, COOP 523)

ECOL 413: Field Course in Ecology

Course in the department of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Science. Students in this course examine of ecological principles and techniques through field experiences, including studies of terrestrial and aquatic populations, communities and ecosystems (Course Outline).

HROD 559: Selected Topics in Management & Organizations Personal Leadership & Team Dynamics: The Haskayne Leadership Expedition

A Haskayne School of Business leadership expedition that help students cultivate practical and transferable leadership skills (Course Outline).

NURS 499: Intgrating Nursing Roles and Practices IV: Learning, Praxis and Scholarship in the Practicum Setting

SOWK 412: Social Work Practicum II

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that allows for application of professional theory and skills in supervised social work practice settings (Course Outline).