Internships or Field Experience

These are a few examples of programs and courses offered across the University of Calgary.


Cooperative Education 

Co-ops provide opportunities for experiential, hands-on learning for students. It  allows students to gain work experience in their respective fields of study. These include: Arts, Applied Chemistry, Actuarial Science, Ecology, and Business (Co-op website, Arts Co-op Program Website) (Arts Co-op Program BrochureCourse Outline in Business, COOP 523)

HROD 559: Selected Topics in Management & Organizations Personal Leadership & Team Dynamics: The Haskayne Leadership Expedition

A Haskayne School of Business leadership expedition that help students cultivate practical and transferable leadership skills (Course Outline).

NURS 499: Intgrating Nursing Roles and Practices IV: Learning, Praxis and Scholarship in the Practicum Setting

SOWK 412: Social Work Practicum II

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that allows for application of professional theory and skills in supervised social work practice settings (Course Outline).