Collaborative Assignments and Projects

These are a few examples of programs and courses offered across the University of Calgary.

BIOL 205: The Organization and Diversity of Life 

A course in the department of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Science. This course students study biological concepts and mechanisms illustrated by current examples and environmental problems (Course Outline).

BIOL 331: Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology

A course in the department of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Science where students are introduced to principles of cellular structure and function (Course Outline).

BSEN 395: Business Law for Strategic Decision-Makers

A course in Haskayne School of Business that provides an overview of the Canadian legal system, business organizations, and laws (Course Outline).

CPSC 233: Introduction to Computer Science for Computer Science Majors II

A course in the department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science where students focus on object-oriented analysis and design of a small-scale computational systems and implementation using an object oriented language (Course Outline).

EDUC 427: STEM Education- Secondary

A course in the Faculty of Education that provides an introduction to key elements of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education (Course Outline, STEM Showcase).


Engineering: CARE Model, First-year Design and Communications Courses

ENTI 381 & CPSC 499.01 (Linked Courses)

This course combines students from a Haskayne School of Business Principles of Entrepreneurship class with students taking software entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Science.  Throughout the semester students work in multidisciplinary teams and collaborate to develop ideas for a software startup (UToday Article on the Course).

MATH 205: Mathematical Explorations

A course in the department of Mathematics and Statistics  where instructors provide contemporary mathematical perspective and experiences in mathematical thinking (Course Outline).

MATH 335: Real Analysis I

A course in the Faculty of Science that analyzes functions, countable and uncountable sets, and real numbers. This course incorporates collaborative learning assessments where groups of students are randomly generated each week and are assigned unseen mathematical problems that are typically scaffolded in difficulty. The instructor and the TA circulate the room during the hour to ensure that groups (a) get the appropriate start to the problem in a reasonable amount of time and (b) do not veer too far off course (Sample Assignment).

OPMA 317: Fundamentals of Operations Management

A course in Haskayne School of Business that introduces operations management (Course Outline).

SOWK 300: Generalist Practice in Context Theme Course

A course in the Faculty of Social Work that examines the professional use of self in relation to the knowledge, values, and skills pertaining to the approaches of generalist social work practice in rural, remote, and Aboriginal communities (Course Outline).

STAT 519: Bayesian Statistics

A course in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Science. Students in this course work with topics within Bayesian statistics (Course Outline).

UNIV 201: Global Challenges Inquiry I

A pilot course out of the College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation in Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Students engage in inquiry-based learning to explore solutions to complex socially relevant problems. Students use knowledge, evidence, and methods from multiple disciplines (Course Outline)