Campus Environment

The NSSE measures campus environment by looking at how an institute supports student success by providing opportunities for students to be engaged with their campus community.  It measures how students feel the institute supports their well-being, academics, and social life. It also measures the quality of interactions students have with other students, faculty, and staff. Initiatives and programs under this category work to provide students with opportunities to engage with the campus and community as a whole. These programs will provide students with support in the academics, leadership,  connecting with other students and scholars, and with potential employers and community groups in the city.

Institutional Level Initiatives
                            Aboriginal Relations Leadership Training Program
                            ASSERT Program
                            Career fairs (e.g)
                            Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)
                            Fall orientation
                            First Year Council
                            First Year Scholars
                            Grad Day
                            Immigration advising
                            Leadership Advising Program
                            Leadership Exchange
                           Leadership on Demand (LOD)
                           My First Six-Weeks
                           New student registration
                           Parent/family orientation
                           Peer Helper Program
                           Scholars Academy
                           Sophomore Leadership Program
                           Student life portfolio
                           THRIVE/Early Alert
                           Ucalgarycares Days of Service
                           UCalgaryStrong initiative
                          University of Calgary Advising Network
Faculty/Program Level Initiatives
                         Faculty Mentorship programs (eg. KSS Mentorship Program, Science Mentorship Program)
                         Faculty NSSE Action Groups
                         Haskayne Happiness
                         Horse Health Day
                          KSS Meet & Greet (Hump Day)
                          Science Ambassadors
                          Speaker Series & Symposia
                          White Coat Ceremony